Who is going to foot the bill?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments in the Latin American region have made decisions that suddenly and profoundly affected everyday life and human relationships. Practically all aspects of life in society were altered, sometimes in extremely negative ways. Two years after the declaration of the health emergency, recovery in many areas is still a distant goal; in others, governments generally show no intention of reversing the setbacks and deteriorations that have occurred.

Teaching and care work fall into this latter condition, even though these are activities that were most affected by the pandemic. It cannot be ignored that both are highly feminized areas, a fact that facilitates their devaluation despite being essential to the reproduction of life and society.

This research was carried out with the joint support of Sveriges Lärare from Sweden, Utdanningsforbundet (UEN) from Norway, the National Education Association (NEA) from the United States and the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF-FCE) from Canada.

English 2022